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Steam Powered Video's Famous Railroad Atlas of North America
By Mike Walker

The authoritative atlases for all railfans, railroad historians and professionals.
Now recognised as the industry standard.

Past and present railroads extant and lifted.
Tunnels, bridges, yards and engine facilities.
Even hot box detectors!
With an average of 80 maps each volume includes:
Railroad identification marks, full index and much more.

Printed on quality art paper with softback cover and stitch bound for ease of use at trackside.

The map below shows the volumes currently available; other volumes in preparation.

Map of N. America showing coverage of each volume. Mountain Plains Pacific Northwest Pacific Northwest California and Nevada Colorado & Utah Arizona & New Mexico Texas Prairies West Prairies East Southern States Great Lakes West Appalachia & Piedmont Great Lakes East Northeast New England & Canadian Maritime New England & Maritime Canada Southeast Dakotas & Minnesota Western Canada Manitoba & Saskatchewan Ontario Quebec & Labrador


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CANADA View example pages

  Western Canada   Manitoba & Saskatchewan
  Ontario   Quebec & Labrador

USA View example pages.

Pacific Northwest [78 maps]   Great Lakes West [75 maps]
  California & Nevada * [86 maps]   Great Lakes East [83 maps]
  Colorado & Utah [69 maps]    
  Arizona & New Mexico [73 maps]   Appalachia & Piedmont [106 maps]
  Southeast [72 pages]    New England and Canadian Maritime
  Mountain Plains   Southern States
  Texas   Prairies West
  Prairies East   Dakotas & Minnesota


Northeast *

  [Covers New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania] NEW REVISED Edition is in two colours and is perfect bound due to all the extra maps and information! View example pages.


* Post merger edition.

Scale: 8 miles to 1 inch. Complex areas: 2 miles to 1 inch.


$28.95 or $29.95 US

Northeast Edition in two colours and is perfect bound $34.95 US

CANADIAN ATLASES - All one price

$29.95 US  

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